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Alex Blyth
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Fairytales and Magic: A Fresh Approach to PR Writing
In-house course available on demand
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"What can I write about this? No one could possibly find this product release / appointment release / opinion interesting!"

"Oh no - not this again! I've already written a dozen press releases on this subject!"

"I don't know what to write - the client's not told me anything about it."

 Sound familiar? They're the sort of complaints that echo around PR agencies up and down the country day in, day out.

In a session that has been described as "revelatory" and "inspiring", experienced journalist, training consultant and award-winning short story writer Alex Blyth shows how PR professionals can apply the principles of fiction writing to bring their copy to life.

Each delegate brings a piece of copy they're working on to the session so we apply the theory to that actual work, and they see how it work in practice.

After the session they work with me on a further four pieces of their own copy so the learning is embedded for the long-term.

Delegates will leave thinking about what the sensory aspects of 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' could add to their press releases, what the characterisation in 'War and Peace' could add to their blog posts, and what the plot of the Da Vinci code could add to their appointment releases.

They'll leave inspired and full of ideas for their client writing projects.


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