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Inspiring Your Media Spokespeople
In-house course available on demand
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Far too much media training focuses on the risks of media interviews. "Don't say that!" "Refuse to answer those questions!" "Pretend you didn't hear that question and talk instead about this!"

This leaves spokespeople terrified of saying the wrong thing in media interviews, so they clam up and offer little more than monosyllabic corporate-speak to journalists. If their PR consultant can get them agree to do the media interview in the first place - why would they when there is so much that can go wrong and jeopardise their careers?

This is a huge missed opportunity.

The simple fact is that most journalists are not Jeremy Paxman. They are interviewing company spokespeople because they need news, views, and stories from those companies - they're not trying to catch them out. So, the greater risk is not that spokespeople will say something wrong, it's that they will say something dull.

This training session explains this process to spokespeople, shows them what journalists are looking to get from interviews, and takes them through a process for giving that to journalists whilst also working in their company marketing messages. They then put it into practice on roleplays in scenarios tailored specifically to them. 

We cover off areas not to discuss with journalists and how to deal with any difficult questions - but we don't make it the focus of the session.

The end result is that they leave inspired, keen to engage with journalists, and able to comment with authority and personality in their key target media.


"Over the years we have had several media training sessions and to differing degrees these have been of some use. However I never felt that any of these activities were based on a deep understanding of our industry. Recently Alex ran a series of media training workshops and training sessions for us. These sessions were not only based on a deep understanding of our industry but were also very enjoyable. They've produced a significant positive shift in the way we engage with the media and actively promote ourselves. I have recommended Alex to numerous people and we will definitely be using Alex on an ongoing basis."
Neil Svensen, Chief Executive and Founder of Rufus Leonard - training delivered to his senior team of 16 people in January and February 2010.


“You managed to tell a couple of people who do not respond well to criticism that we weren't very good, in a way that meant we didn't walk out. Well done – that’s probably a first.”
Richard Perry, Chief Executive, GyroHSR – training delivered to him and Chief Operating Officer, December 2009



“I've got to say it was one of the best training courses I've ever had. Things have slotted into place and it all makes sense - perfect sense. The theory was broken down into easily comprehensible steps, and the roleplays ensured it was really interactive and engaging. This training session has created a very excited person that is eager to engage with journalists now I understand exactly how to approach media interviews. In fact straight after it I was immediately on the phone to some national journalists to arrange interviews, and the most amazing thing is that I’m even looking forward to those interviews!”- Darren Fell, MD, Crunch – training delivered to him, July 2009


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